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Pet Delivery Service for Breeders


Thank you for allowing PUPS ON THE MOVE to partner with you in getting your precious cargo to their FURever homes safe and sound. Our goal is to make this already emotionally challenging experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Week Before Delivery – Time to Crate Train!

Crate training is very beneficial when flying with a pet in the cabin. It lessens the chance of the pet becoming so nervous that he/she makes loud and/or aggressive noises that could risk the chance of not being able to board the plane.

Day Before the Delivery

Please make sure you bathe the pet and give him/her extra cuddles and loving before their trip to their new FURever home. New places and unfamiliar faces can be stressful on any baby and that includes baby animals.

Day of the Delivery

Your scheduled flight nanny will meet you at the pickup airport at the scheduled pickup time provided in your flight itinerary. You will be notified in a group message when your pet courier has landed and will meet curbside, outside of the departures. We prefer curbside pickup, so you don’t have to pay for parking. Your pet nanny will provide a soft-sided airline approved travel carrier to transport the pet. If you would like to provide your own travel carrier please let us know and be sure to adhere to the airline travel carrier measurements.

Travel Packlist

  • Bathe the puppy, kitten, dog or cat
  • No eating at least 2-3 hours prior to pickup
  • Potty before pickup
  • Provide a blanket with the mother’s scent on it and/or a familiar toy
  • Provide a small bag of dry food for the pet
  • Any paperwork


flight nanny

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Will my pet go in cargo? Do you have reviews? How do I book? What payment method do you accept?

“Quick and fast delivery. Communicated the entire time.” – Rebecca

“Book same day and the nanny delivered the puppy the same night! I highly recommend this service.” — Wayne

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