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Terms & Conditions

Pet Delivery Service


We would like to thank you for choosing PUPS ON THE MOVE

our nannies will transport (1) pet(s) weighing no more than 19.9 lb.

Your pet will be accompanied in cabin on a Commercial Airplane and seated with their Pet Nanny throughout flights. Your pet will be taken out of their carrier and carried by the Pet Nanny through the metal detector at the airport and returned to the carrier. Pet will be fed and given water as needed.  If while in transit any incidentals such as biting or destruction of carrier take place, the owner of the pet will be responsible for all associated fees prior to the release of pet. In some instances, pets may have to overnight with their Pet Nanny at one of our home bases. We do not give nor warrant pet’s health guarantee, we do not bear nor are we to be held responsible for the pet’s health or appearance. We can only report any concerns or conditions to the above-named person(s). 

It is very important that the Shipper and Receiver be at the airport at the time specified to pick up and drop off pet to the Pet Nanny. If the shipper or receiver is not on time, and is more than 15 minutes late after the agreed upon time, a late fee of $150 is imposed to accommodate Pet Nanny and must be paid prior to us receiving or releasing the pet(s)

If any rescheduling needs to be made to the transport after payment is made, due to shipper or receiver needs, an additional fee may or may not be incurred. Any scheduling changes due to Air Carrier are completely out of the control of IN CABIN PUPPY and will be communicated as soon as they arise. Rescheduling will be accommodated for transports not completed on time, however NO REFUNDS ARE PERMITTED.  Due to the nature of our business, if a transport is cancelled after payment REFUNDS ARE BASED ON OUR DISCRETION. To keep our prices competitive, we use many methods to keep our fees low including but not limited to the purchase of non-refundable airline tickets, therefore we are unable to provide refunds of any kind. At our discretion, we may choose to credit a transport to your account (not redeemable for cash) for future use of the same routing or a lesser priced transport. DEPOSITS ARE $100 AND RUNDED TO OUR DISCRETION

You may provide your own carrier that must be soft-sided and Not larger than 18Lx12Hx12W (pre-approval needed for owner supplied carriers).

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“Quick and fast delivery. Communicated the entire time.” – Rebecca

“Book same day and the nanny delivered the puppy the same night! I highly recommend this service.” — Wayne

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