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Flight Nanny for Pets

Flight Nanny Pups on the Move is a professional and experienced pet delivery service covering domestic and international destinations. It is our mission to always get your puppy home safe. We strive to maintain affordable pricing for your baby pup. Our nannies are ready to bring your puppy to their forever home.

Flight Nanny for Pets: The Process.

Our Pet Flight Nanny will pick up your pet from the Shipper at the closest major airport and place the pet in a soft-sided carrier that we will provide. *If you would like to provide a carrier for your client let us know. Pet will travel IN CABIN with the Flight with our Nanny on the airplane, and will not leave their side until the destination is reached and the pet is united with the owner. Once your flight nanny has landed at the delivery destination all parties will be notified. The pet will be hand-delivered to the owner at the discussed meet-up location. Once the delivery is complete PLEASE take the time to leave us a review on google (Pups on the Move)and/or our Facebook business page. They are a great help to us and your peers in the pet community. The direct link to Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/NicoleFlightNanny


Hand delivery service. No cargo involved. We strive to get every puppy home safe.


All of our babies are treated with love and care.


All our nannies are highly trained

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    About Us

    We strive to maintain affordable pricing for your baby pup. Our nannies are ready to bring your puppy to their forever home. In order to render service as flight nanny for pets or dogs…….we are USDA certified.

    “Quick and fast delivery. Communicated the entire time.” – Rebecca

    “Book same day and the nanny delivered the puppy the same night! I highly recommend this service.” — Wayne

    Nanny and Airline Guidelines

    We are quite aware of the airline guidelines and covering all over the US. Whether you require a flight nanny for your pets or dogs at Georgia, Texas, New York, Alabam, Chicago or any others states or  International Airports, the requirements are same all over US for all airlines.

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